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Valdo Arnera

General Manager, Europe
An MD by training, Valdo has 30+ years of experience in the pharma industry. After having practiced medicine, he started in the industry as a clinical pharmacologist at Ciba-Geigy. He then founded the 1st European Central Clinical Lab for clinical trials, SciCor (now Covance Central Lab) in 1992. He joined PHT in 2000, and founded its European affiliate in 2001. PHT was the 1st European modern ePRO provider and Dr Arnera is seen as one of the world pioneers in the ePRO/eCOA field. ERT acquired PHT in 2015. Dr. Arnera currently serves as a Scientific Advisor and the General Manager of ERT Geneva. ERT develops products that facilitate data capture in clinical trials, using mobile and web technologies to collect data from patients and doctors.